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3 Myths about Retirement Homes Debunked

There are aged members of our society, members who have toiled away their prime in serving our community and making the world a better place. Their selfless efforts have earned them a few rewards, one of which should be our undivided attention and senior care. But that isn’t quite possible in today’s fact paced economy. So, what do we do? We find assistance. Assistance that is the best when in the form of retirement residence, a retirement home is [...]

How To Enjoy Life After Retirement?

Increasing lifespan for seniors, not a big deal! Know the ‘two’ tips that can add-on a few extra years in life post-retirement. One thing that disturbs the most after a person steps in the retired life is health. However, it’s natural to lose sheen of the skin and get prone to the various diseases as the person ages, but going natural, a senior person can at least delay that called as inevitable ‘Death’. Plus, those added extra years can [...]

Ottawa Retirement Home Enjoys Arts and Crafts

As people age, physical limitations begin to hinder enjoyment of activities that were once part of daily life. Today’s seniors find alternatives through the enjoyment of arts and crafts projects that provide a sense of accomplishment while maintaining an active lifestyle. At Thorncliffe Place and other Ottawa senior retirement homes , arts and crafts instruction is provided to residents as part of daily activities. The trend in many Ottawa Retirement homes is to have craft fairs that showcase the creativity [...]

Thorncliffe Residents Enjoy Fine Dining

Do you think that healthy eating is all about dieting and sacrifice? Think again. Eating well is a part of a healthy lifestyle that embraces colourful food, creativity in the kitchen, and eating with friends. As we age, eating well can also be the key to a positive outlook and staying well emotionally. Eating well is a feast for your five senses! Wholesome meals give you more energy and help you look better, resulting in a self-esteem boost. It’s [...]